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Day3 live blog | BWF Thomas & Uber Cup 2022

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Hello are welcome to our coverage of Indian matches at the BWF Thomas & Uber Cup 2022

In case you missed about what happened in last two days, need not worry you can read in the below links

Day 2 Details

Day 1 Details

India has fielded a strong team against USA after defeating Canada 4-1. Not taking any chances to seal the Quarterfinals berth.

The only change from the previous tie is that Simran is back playing with her regular partner Ritika which takes Tanisha & Treesa to be WD1. It would have been exciting to watch Unnati Hooda getting a game in but guess the team management would like to secure the QF berth first.

There is a possibility that the 14 year old gets a chance against the mighty S Koreans in the last tie.

Ashmita Wins to lead India into Quarterfinals

In the last match for Indians Ashmita Chaliha the WS3 player for India is up against a very low ranked opponent. Ashmita, with the way she has been playing should not break any sweat to beat the opponent.

Natalie did show some resistance in the first game which Ashmita closed 21-18 but it was all one way traffic henceforth. Ashmita closed the game rather comfortably 21-18, 21-13 to hand india a 4-1 win

Simran & Ritika lose India leads 3-1

The young pair of Simran and Ritika are next in the court, they are up against Lam & lee. The Indians are finding it difficult to garner points and eventually have lost the first game rather quickly 12-21. In the second game the Simran/Ritika are applying themselves and look set to take the match in the decider. They won the game 21-17. But it was all Lam & lee in the final game as they gave no chance to the Indians closing the game 21-13.


Source BAI

Simran & Ritika lost 12-21, 21-17, 13-21 to Lam & Lee

Aakarshi Wins in straight games – India Wins the tie 3-0

Aakarshi is on the court now against a low ranked opponent, the way she played on the day1 she should be able to close this match quickly. Shi is offering some resistance but it was Aakarshi who eventually closed the game 21-18. Coming into the second game Aakarshi is looking all determined to win the tie for India.

Aakarshi is not giving any chances to the american and she quickly closes the second game 21-11.


Source BAI

Tanisha & Treesa Win – India leads 2-0

Tanisha & Treesa came back strongly in the match and won it in straight games, despite struggling to hold on during the first game.


Source BAI

Time for Women Doubles.

Tanisha & Treesa seems to be struggling and they are currently trailing 9-13. The Indians are now making a comeback. its 12-13 now for the Indians. And they finally have the lead 16-15.  A quick serve exchange and Indians lead 18-16.

Sindhu wins and India leads 1-0

Sindhu Vs Gai

Jennie Gai is up against the double olympic & World Champion ’19. This should be a great experience for the American. Sindhu had spent just 32 minutes on the court on day1 getting India the lead defeating li from Canada the WR11. So here we go Sindhu in whites and Jennie in pink. Sindhu serves.

First point to Jennie as Sindhu puts one on the net. And Sindhu gets the serve back. Sindhu with a great drop shot takes the score to 2-1. Its intresting to know the Gai is the oldest member of this USA team and she is just 21.

Sindhu leads 5-2 now, she is making Gai run around the whole court. Ahh this is going one way, she is mixing up so beutifully leads 8-2 now. Gai seems to have no answers. Sindhu is just toying with the opponent. Services exchanges see Sindhu lead 9-3 now. Another service exchange and its 10-4. Sindhu goes into the midgame break at 11-4, a good rally there when Gai was defending well.

Sindhu now has the game point at 20-8 and she wins the first game 21-10. Not much to talk about here as its Sindhu all the way.

Second game and sindhu is quickly 3-0 in no time. The score is 7-2 now as Gai is now looking completly out of this match. A body smash on Sindhu and gets the serve back on 3-7 but Sindhu gets the serve back immediatly to take the score 10-3. The midgame interval and Sindhu leads 11-5. Gai giving good fight in this game as she takes the score 9-13 and now 10-14.

Good to see Gai getting into double digits. Its a quick service exchange and the score is now 15-10 in favor of Sindhu. Gai hits is long and now Sindhu lead 17-11 and a smash takes it to 18-11. Add one more smash and the score is 19-11.`

Sindhu to start Proceedings


Sindhu is up against the WR95 from USA Jennie Gai and it should be a cakewalk for the champion. They have never met before as there is a drastic difference in the rankings.

EXCLUSIVE: 'PV Sindhu Coped With Pressure, Expectations and Did Remarkably Well'

In the second encounter of the day for India the scratch pair of Tanisha Crasto & Treesa Jolly will be up against the WR91 pair of Corbett & lee. The way this pair had played in the last tie it should be a straight games win to take India 2-0.

India No2 Aakarshi who is now WR54 will then go against WR202 Esther Shi which should be a quick match for Aakrashi who was under tremendous pressure in the last tie as India had lost the doubles match. This match should give her much needed confidence for the next tie.

Simran & Ritika will hope that by the time they enter the court the fate of the tie is already decided. They will be up against Lam & lee who are WR169.

In the last match of the tie Ashmita Chaliha will be up against a very low ranked Natalie WR590, she should be able to score a good win here

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