About Us

About Us

The journey started long back in our heart. In a cricket crazy nation we always believed that the sportspersons who choose to compete in OTHER sports deserves a similar exposure, coverage and fan following. 

We started covering the Olympic sports which the mainstream media would only publish if an athlete wins a medal, as was the case in the every four year cycle of Olympics. Nobody really got to know what goes around in the preparation of that moment when the athlete enters the ground for that 10 second race. We entered into bringing those stories to the audience about the life of the athlete covering their preparation the thought process and not to forget the hardships they went through. We followed the journey of the sportspersons from their training grounds to those multiple attempts they made to better their best. 

Our team consists of energetic individuals across the country who are in love with the sport. We are led by two co-founders who believe that India can become a global Multisports giant (and not just be called a cricket crazy nation). 

Our vision is to see the country become a true sporting nation where Parents can be confident of their kid becoming a professional sportsperson. We believe that momentum has already started shifting. 

Lets work together to see our kids represent India and compete against the best in the field in any Sport – in any global competition. Be it London, Tokyo and Paris or even Patiala, Hyderabad and Delhi.