Live Updates | XXXI Qosanov Memorial

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Hello and Welcome to the coverage of the two day meet happening in Kazakhstan.

A big Indian contingent is participating along with entries from Thailand, Pakistan, Japan, Iran and host country.

India had a mixed day one. Missed it then read the review by Vishank here

Here we look at the Day Two and the final day before the Qualifications for World Championships end.

Three Indian sprinters are listed in 200m, it remains to be seen who starts.

There have been reports that Annu Rani and Tajinderpal Toor had travelled but now on the way back as they have US visa appointments.

200m Women Heats

Dhanalakshmi and Dutee won their respective heats

Dhanalakshmi | 23.29

Dutee | 24.36

Live Streaming Link

Schedule for today, timings are 30 minutes ahead of India

The evening session has started in Kazakhstan, first up is Sarita Singh whose participation in CWG22 is dependent on her performance here

A lot Indian interest in the Women Javelin Throw which has also started, results awaited

Hammer Throw Women Final

Sarita Singh as expected has won the Gold at the competition, although her efforts are lower than the 64.16m she managed earlier in this month at Chennai

  • Throw 1 | 58.76
  • Throw 2 | X
  • Throw 3 | 62.48
  • Throw 4 | 58.65
  • Throw 5 | 61.54
  • Throw 6 | 58.92

Long Jump Finals underway and two Indian entries are shown

Off course Shaili Singh is not participating and only Indian left in this event is Ancy Sojan who had a really good Inter State meet in Chennai

Consistent Jumps by Ancy and she wins Gold

  • Attempt 1 | 6.16
  • Attempt 2 | 6.30
  • Attempt 3 | 6.35
  • Attempt 4 | 6.44
  • Attempt 5 | 6.44
  • Attempt 6 | 6.42

200m Women Final

Dhanalakshmi, what a race that was. She runs through the 200m in 22.89sec. Just 0.09 short of WCH qualifying mark. What an achievement that would have been.

Women Javelin Finals

Annu Rani as expected wins the event with Indians sweeping the medals

Annu with a 62.29m in her fourth attempt

Shilpa Rani with 56.16 wins silver while Sanjana with a 55.12m grabs bronze

Shot Put Finals

Tajinderpal Toor didn’t participate and Karanveer Singh won Gold with an average effort of 19.47m

Chanda wins 800m race in 2:03.46

Here’s the schedule for the morning session. Time in IST

  • 400mH M| H1 | Dharun & Santosh | 9:30am
  • 400m W| H1 | Jyothika & Summy | 9:50am
  • 400m W| H2 | Kiran | 9:55am
  • 400m M| H1 | Md Ajmal | 10:10am
  • 400m M| H3 | Md Anas & Arokia | 10:20am
  • 100m W | H1 | Daneshwari & Hima | 10:40am
  • 100m W | H2 | Dutee & Jilna | 10:45am
  • 100m W | H3 | Srabani & Simi | 10:50am

Live Streaming Link

Here are the standard for the WCH qualifying

Source IAAF

Here you can find the list of qualified athletes for the championships.

There have been reports that Hima and Srabani have had issues with Visa and were not able to make it to Kazakhstan. Confirmations awaited

Krishan Olla at Almaty

Here are the Indian Participants at the meet


400m hurdle: Dharun Ayyasamy, Santhosh Kumar 

400m: Muhammed Ajmal, Arokia Rajiv, Muhammed Anas Yahiya

Discus throw: Kirpal Singh 

Shot put: Tajinderpal Singh Toor, Karanveer Singh

Long jump: Muhammed Anees Yahiya

Javelin throw: Rohit Yadav

Triple jump: Eldhose Paul, Karthik Unnikrishnan

800m: Krishan Kumar


400m: Jyothika Sri Dandi, Summy, Kiran

100m: Daneshwari Ashok Thakkannavar, Hima Das, Dutee Chand, Srabani Nanda, MV Jilna, SN Simi 

Discus throw: Navjeet Dhillon

1500m: Chanda 

400m hurdles: Vitya Ramraj

200m: Dhanalaksmi Sekar, Dutee Chand, Hima Das

800m : Chanda

Shot Put : Manpreet Kaur

Hammer throw: Sarita Singh

Javelin throw: Annu Rani, Sanjana Choudhary, Shilpa Rani, Kumari Sharmila

Long jump: Ancy Sojan

The first Results are in

400m Hurdles Men

Santhosh (51.96) came second and Dharun (52.62) came third in heat and make it to Finals. Heat was won by Hiromu from 🇯🇵

MP Jabir who had a sub 50 timing just few days back in Chennai is not competing here.

400m Women Heats

Summy leads an India 1-2 in the heat1 while Kiran was led by Japanese Nanako

All three make it to Finals, Summy was the youngest among all the participants. She was part of the 4×400 team which won the Bronze Medal at Junior World Championships 2022.

In the 400m Men heat 1 was won by Md Ajmal in 48.56 being chased by local Sokolov. Noah Tom was listed to take part but didn’t start the race

Heat2 had two Indians Amoj Jacob and Ramesh Rajesh but both didnt start as only three run.

Heat 3 won by Md Anas Yahiya in 47.75 to come second in the heat, Arokia didn’t start the race.

100m Women

On expected lines Hima Das doesn’t start and Daneshwari also misses out.

Dutee Chand wins the Heat2 with a personal best time of 11.38 sec and Jilna V 11.58 sec.

Srabani Nanda didn’t start the race either which softly confirms the visa issues.

Simi wins the heat3 with a time of 11.89 sec

Evening Session starts with Women Discuss Throw

Navjeet is the participant from India

Navjeet starts with 53.32m, she has absolutely no competition in the field. The second best throw is long back 41.57 by host player.

The next two throws for her are 55.43m and 54.39m

The next three throws for her are also in same range

  • Throw 1 | 53.32
  • Throw 2 | 55.43
  • Throw 3 | 54.39
  • Throw 4 | 55.02
  • Throw 5 | 55.87
  • Throw 6 | 56.24

Navjeet eventually wins Gold with her last throw of 56.24m which is shorter than her effort of 58.03m in Chennai.

Finally we have Live Streaming Up

YouTube Grab

Next up is Men Discus Throw

Kirpal Singh has won Gold with a best throw of 59.22, which in-fact is his lowest mark this season

  • Throw 1 : 57.68
  • Throw 2 : 58.05
  • Throw 3 : 58.24
  • Throw 4 : 57.44
  • Throw 5 : 56.65
  • Throw 6 : 59.22

100m Women Final

Dutee Chand the NR holder loses to local favourite Safronova as she clocks 11.49 to claim Silver Medal

Jilna won the Bronze with a time if 11.61

A timing as clocked in Heats would have been good for Gold Medal

Women ShotPut Final

Abha Kathua wins Gold with an effort of 16.71 whereas the NR holder Manpreet had a disastrous outing with only one valid throw of 14.24 which was good for bronze.

Chanda has won the 1500m race which was started by only four athletes and finished by three. Not so good timings either 4:24.44

400m Women Final

Kiran Pahal wins the 400m in 52.54 sec just about ahead of Japanese in the finishing seconds

Young Summy has won Bronze Medal with 53.70sec

400m Men Final

Anas wins Silver medal with a timing of 46.27 while local player Litvin won the race in 46.04

Ajmal with a pretty average time of 46.93 sec, he lost to even Mueed from Pakistan 🇵🇰

Long Jump Update | Md Anees Yahiya has had two leaps of 7.76 and 7.91 in two attempts

400m Hurdles Women Results

Vithya Ramraj won the race in 56.87sec which is her season best timings

Anu Raghavan didnt start the race

400m Hurdles Men

Santhosh with an impressive time of 49.97 to claim the silver ahead of Dharun who managed 50.10 for a bronze

4*100 women relay

India had flurry of mis exchanges which resulted in silver medal losing to the host country.

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