Blog Day 3 | Archery World Cup Stage 1 Antalya

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Hello and welcome to our coverage of Archery World Cup Stage 1 happening in Antalya Turkey.

A dissapointing morning session for the Indian Archery Fans. Lets see how the afternoon session gives us. Individual competition underway.

Rajat Chauhan & Priya Gurjar Enter Quarterfinals

6:15 pm | Rajat Chauhan is in some fine form, he scores a 148 to defeat the home player Haney to make it to Quarterfinals. In the women category Priya Gurjar continued to make waves as she defeated Mariya from luxembourg 143-140.

While Rajat had the lead since start Priya’s match was much closer with slightly low scores and she managed a perfect thirty only in the last round.


Rajat Chauhan & Priya Gurjar Enter PreQuarterfinals

5:45 pm | Rajat Chauhan defeats the fifth seed Jozef from Slovakia 148 – 145 but Aman Saini was in for a tough one against the forth seed Jean who scored a perfect 150 for Aman’s 145. Abhishek Verma lost in tiebreaker against the french Baraer.

While in the women section Priya Gurjar stunned the first seed in a rather low scoring affair, both shot a 140 and Priya won in tie breaker. All the other three lost in the round

Muskan 141-146 Ayse

Avneet Kaur 144-144 Ellison [lost in TB]

Raginee Markoo 142-146 Yesim

Not looking good for Indian archers, almost all are trailing at this moment except Rajat Chauhan who is leading by a solitary point


Source World Archery

Men Individual

1/32 Matches

Rajat Chauhan def Pan Ping 142-139

Abhishek Verma def Gilles Seywert 144-141

Aman Saini def Aljaz Brenk 145-143

Mohan lost to Sawyer 144-147

1/32 Matches

Priya Gurjar def Adel 145-141

Muskan Kirar def Diana 145-139

Avneet Kaur def Martine 146-138

Raginee Markoo def Sydney 144-141

All top 4 seeds are through to the next round in both the categories

1:10 pm

Quaterfinal Men & PreQ Women

India 58-58 Ukraine Men

India 55- 53 USA Women

India Men team suffers a shock loss against the Ukraine team 1-5 Score | 58-58, 53-56, 55-58

Women team has sailed through comfortably to the Quarterfinals beating the USA 6-0 | Score 55-53, 53-52, 54-49

1:00 pm India men will be up against Ukraine in the Quarterfinals and Women will be up against USA in PreQuaterfinals which could be a tricky encounter.

12:55 pm


First up are the Indian Men Team who are up against the Croatia in the Pre Quaterfinal match.

India takes a 2-0 lead with a 57 round against a low 52 from the opponents

India loses the second set 56-57 to make it 2-2

Indian Men team manages to win the third set with a score of 55 against 53 from Croatia.

Indian Men move to Quaterfinals with a 6-2 win over Croatia who surprised Bangladesh in Round 1, Bangladesh in recent times have been an upcoming nation in the recurve category.

Today the Team Matches in Recurve are scheduled in the morning session along with Compond Individual matches in the afternoon session.

After a fairly succesful day yesterday wherein the Men Compound team made the Finals and the Men Recurve Team topping the Qualification. India will look to continue the good form. Korea, Japan & China are not taking part in this world cup.

Men Team

India is up against Croatia in the PreQuaterfinals match.

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