Will Anju Bobby George Record Be Broken, Can Shaili Do That

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The Indian National Record (NR) in women’s long jump stands as a testament to the prowess of the legendary Anju Bobby George, a figure deeply ingrained in the annals of Indian athletics.

Her remarkable achievement, securing the fifth position at the Athens Olympics in 2004, remains a milestone in Indian sport. However, records are meant to be challenged and surpassed. For two decades, Anju’s NR has stood unyielding, marking it as one of the longest-standing records in Indian athletics.

Yet, recent endeavors, notably by the emerging talent Shaili Singh, have reignited hope for a new benchmark in the discipline.
Shaili Singh’s leap of 6.76m, accomplished being a teen, sparked optimism and showcased her potential to shatter barriers, including the elusive 7m mark. Holding all age-group records and garnering widespread acclaim, Shaili emerges as a frontrunner poised to etch her name in the record books.

Nevertheless, she is not alone in this pursuit. Nayana James, with a personal best of 6.55m, and Ancy Sojan, celebrated for her silver medal at the 2022 Asian Games, stand as formidable contenders, each poised to seize their moment of glory.

Aishwarya Babu, despite encountering setbacks due to doping allegations, demonstrated her prowess with a remarkable jump of 6.73m. As she awaits her return to competition, her aspirations to surpass the NR and rewrite her legacy remain undimmed.

These athletes, hailing from diverse backgrounds and regions, symbolize the enduring legacy of and their homage to the champions who paved the way before them.

Their journeys towards excellence embody the spirit of perseverance and dedication, inspiring a new generation of athletes to push boundaries and redefine the limits of achievement.

The future of Indian women’s long jump appears promising, brimming with potential and possibility, as is the future of Indian sport, in gener

Written By Mohit Jain

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