The Reality of Who After Sunil Chhetri? The Legend Retires

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As Indian football prepares for a new era beyond the iconic career of Sunil Chhetri, the spotlight turns to the next generation of forwards.

Chhetri has left a void in Indian Football, which is difficult to fill, but a talented cohort of young forwards is emerging.

Here’s a look at some promising young forwards poised to shoulder the immense expectations of Indian football fans, ready to build on Sunil Chhetri’s legacy and elevate the national team to new heights.

Vikram Pratap Singh:

The Versatile Prodigy

At 22 years old, Vikram Pratap Singh of Mumbai City FC is currently showcasing the peak performance of his football career. His exceptional speed, dribbling ability, and versatility to play both as a winger and a central forward make him a dynamic option in the attacking third. From initially warming the MCFC bench to becoming the top-scoring Indian striker in the ISL, Vikram’s journey is a testament to perseverance, dedication, and unwavering belief in his abilities.

Courtesy Mumbai City FC

Beyond his club exploits, Vikram’s presence has created an indelible mark on the national team.
Representing India across various youth levels, he quickly rose through the ranks with his impressive performances. His contributions to the national team setup have been notable, where his agility and goal-scoring prowess have earned him a reputation as a promising talent for the future of Indian football.

Vikram Pratap Singh has achieved a historic milestone in the ISL, becoming the first player ever to win back-to-back Emerging Player of the Month awards. This accomplishment not only highlights his individual talent but also underscores his rising impact and influence in the league.
As he continues to evolve and mature, Vikram’s journey remains an inspiring example of talent meeting opportunity and making a significant mark on Indian football.

Lallianzuala Chhangte

The Dynamic Winger

Lallianzuala Chhangte has established himself as one of Indian football’s most thrilling wingers, known for his exceptional speed, agile dribbling, and sharp finishing ability. Currently representing Mumbai City FC in the Indian Super League (ISL), Chhangte has consistently impressed with his capacity to impact matches from the wide areas.

Courtesy Mumbai City

His journey to prominence began with standout performances in youth competitions, swiftly propelling him into the senior national team.
Chhangte’s standout moment came with his decisive goal against Qatar, a testament to his composure and capability on the big stage.

His rapid pace and technical skills make him a constant threat,frequently breaking through defenses and creating scoring opportunities for his team.

Looking ahead, Chhangte emerges as a cornerstone of the national team’s future. His continued development and consistent performances in both domestic and international competitions highlight his potential to lead India’s attack for years to come.
With each season, Chhangte refines his game,
enhancing his impact and solidifying his status as a pivotal player in India’s pursuit of greater
achievements in world football.

Rahim Ali

The Emerging Star

Rahim Ali, a promising talent at 23 years old, has been making significant strides in both national and ISL arenas.
Representing India at various youth levels, Rahim quickly caught attention with his strong dribbling skills, and a natural knack for finishing. His journey to prominence has been marked by
consistent growth and notable achievements.
In the ISL, Rahim Ali has proven his potential with Chennaiyin FC.
His ability to adapt across different attacking positions, coupled with his sharp decision-making in crucial moments, has made him a
valuable asset for his club.

Courtesy TransferMarket

Rahim’s contributions on the field have not only bolstered Chennaiyin FC’s attacking prowess but also earned him recognition as a key player in the league. His inclusion in the senior national team highlights his rising profile and the trust placed in him by coaches.

Rahim Ali’s journey from youth football to becoming a pivotal figure in the ISL and national
team setup exemplifies his dedication and talent. As he continues to mature and hone his skills, Rahim Ali promises to be a cornerstone of Indian football’s future success, embodying the qualities needed to excel on both domestic and international stages.

Liston Colaco

The Speed Merchant

Liston Colaco, at 25, has swiftly risen as one of the most electrifying talents in Indian football, celebrated for his blistering pace, technical finesse, and knack for decisive plays.

Currently a standout player for ATK Mohun Bagan in the Indian Super League (ISL), Colaco has consistently dazzled with his ability to
dominate the flanks and penetrate opposing defenses.

Courtesy Hindustan Times

His journey to prominence began with eye- catching displays in youth tournaments, swiftly earning him recognition at the senior national team level.
Colaco’s impact was prominently showcased through his crucial contributions in key matches,
demonstrating his cool demeanour and ability to perform under pressure.
His explosive speed and adept ball control make him a persistent threat, frequently outmanoeuvring defenders and creating scoring opportunities for his teammates.
His continued growth and impressive performances in both domestic and international competitions highlight his potential to lead India’s offensive charge in the years ahead.
The horizon of Indian football shines bright, bolstered by a group of young forwards poised to uphold and extend Sunil Chhetri’s legacy.
With their blend of speed, skill, and scoring ability, these players promise a bright future for the national team. As they grow and mature in their careers, they are poised to propel Indian football to greater heights on the global platform.

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