Raina/Rosalie Enter W100 Final in Versmold Germany

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The second seed pair play the top seed in the final.


Fresh from winning a W25 title in India Ankita has entered her fourth ITF final for the year. She is undefeated in the finals this year winning the W25 in Australia with Rutuja Bhosale in March, a W60 in April with Rodionova in Australia and a title last week in Gurugram with Nugroho.

This week playing with her close friend on the tour the Dutch Rosalie Van der Hoek the pair has been in some top notch form, in the semifinals they made a comeback after losing the the first set to win the second 6-1 and then closing the match in super Tie break at 10-6.

In fact the first set was full of serve breaks and eventually the Hungarian pair succeeded to close the first set in their favor 6-4.

Raina/Rosalie won the match 4-6, 6-1, 10-6

Earlier in the first round as well this pair had to scramble hard to win the match as they notched up a victory in three setter to move to the next round.

In the Final they will be up against the top seed kazakh-dutch pair of Danilina & Hartono. The match scheduled for 10 July.

Ankita Raina whose Singles ranking has taken a big hit this season will eye to win her fourth ITF Title for the season. A title for her will take the ranking to WTA123 a jump of 46 places.

She has a Career high of 93 and few good weeks and she can target to better that.

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