Nagal Defeated by Baez in Geneva Open 2024 First Round

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Sumit Nagal WR (94) India’s highest-ranked singles player, was eliminated in the first round
of the Geneva Open on Sunday 19th may following a closely fought match against Sebastian Baez WR (19) of Argentina who is counted among the clay court specialists.

Set 1 : During Set 1, Nagal demonstrated a strong start by taking an early lead of 4-1 against

Baez, in turn, expressed admiration for Nagal’s shot selection, although Nagal came
close to securing the set with a set point. Despite this, Baez, a recent winner of two clay
court titles this year, showcased his skill and forced the set into a tiebreaker, ultimately
winning it by a narrow margin of 6-7(7).

Set 2 :Baez maintained a dominant performance, preventing Nagal from gaining much
ground despite Nagal’s commendable efforts. But Baez’s amazing first serve wrapped up
the set too soon in just 38 minutes.Baez managed to swiftly secure the set with a score of

• Nagal, recognizing his own capabilities and solid performance, conveyed a positive
outlook by tweeting ‘Paris Next’ after the match, having already qualified for the

French Open.
• His optimistic message positions him well for the upcoming major tournament.

We extend our best wishes to him.

Written by Chiya

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