Manika & Sreeja face Tough Challenge at ITTF Singles World Cup 2024

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Hardly 48 hours have passed since the big disappointment of not qualifying for XD in Paris, yet as is life here we are, gearing up for the next big ticket event—the ITTF Singles World Cup. Both Manika and Sreeja have tough challenges ahead in the group.

While the sting of that recent setback lingers, the focus now shifts to the thrilling prospects of the World Cup, where anticipation runs high for Indian representation.

Indian Lineup

First and foremost, let’s address the lineup: only two Indian stalwarts have made the cut—Manika Batra, the poster girl of Indian TT and Sreeja Akula, the up and coming giant slayer.

You might be wondering why Sharat Kamal isn’t among them. The answer lies in the selection process, which was based on rankings prior to his remarkable performance in the Singapore Smash tournament.

In keeping with the burgeoning love affair between India and China in racquet sports, both Indian contenders find themselves in groups brimming with formidable opponents.


The format of the World Cup dictates that the 48 players in each gender are divided into 16 groups, with only the group topper advancing to the Round of 16. However, amidst the challenge, there is reason for optimism, as recent displays against the formidable Chinese contingent have instilled a sense of belief in our players.

Group and Matches

Let’s delve into the matchups our players are set to face:
Placed in group 2, Manika (WR38) finds herself alongside none other than the Olympic champion, Wang Manyu (WR2), and the rising Romanian star Adina Diaconu, currently ranked at WR 45.

Meanwhile, Sreeja (WR42) holds court in group 4, where she squares off against former champion Chen Meng (WR4) and Poland’s top-ranked player Natalia Bajor (WR51).

Match Schedule

As per official schedule (at the time of writing):
Sreeja vs Natalia slated to kick off at 10:00 AM IST on 16 Apr, and Manika vs Adina at 2:30 PM IST on 16 Apr, with all eyes fixed on table 2.

Race To Become India No1

Adding another layer of intrigue to this high-stakes competition is the race to claim the coveted title of India No.1. With points ranging from 100 for a Round of 16 finish to a whopping 1500 for the ultimate triumph, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Adversity has a way of bringing out the best in the strongest individuals, and our resilient athletes are poised to leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of glory.

As they take to the arena, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of a nation, ready to etch their names in the annals of sporting history. Let the battle commence, for India’s table tennis warriors are primed for the challenge ahead. Follow us for live updates as we all cheer them on as one

Written by Mohit Jain

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