Live Updates | Quarterfinals Uber Cup | India vs Thailand

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Its the Quarterfinals match at Uber Cup today

India is pitted against Thailand the host, and they have some real strong team.

India is playing the same team that got thrashed by South Korea yesterday 0-5. Hopefully a better start can turn things around

Aakarshi Loses. India Exit Uber Cup

Not looking good in the second game either, she is trailing 6-11

She loses the first game 16-21, india just game away from exiting the Uber Cup

Aakarshi now up against Chochuwong to keep India alive in the tie. She is currently giving it all trailing 14-16

Shruti/Simran Lose. India trail 0-2

What a rally won by Indian team just now 12-14 the score, suddenly the Indians are leading 15-14

Next up are Shruti/Simran against WR8 pair of Kititharakul/Prajongjai

Sindhu Loses to Intanon

And intanon came back to win in three games 12-21 in third one

At the interval Sindhu trails 8-11, and did we just hear the #ipltune there. The Thai is getting a lot of support understandably they are the host. Quickly its 8-13

And the long rally Sindhu hits one wide. Intanon is looking all pumped up now, leading 9-6 and an excellent drop shot from Sindhu and gets the serve back at 7-9

Its 15-18 now, getting closer. Sindhu challenges at 17-20 but it wasnt to be. As the thai takes the second game to take into the decider. Fireworks 💥 in store

Sindhu trails by four points now. Couple of quick points and its 12-15.

The second game intanon goes to interval with a seven point lead

Sindhu sees off the comeback and cleverly closes the first game 21-18

Sindhu watches one closely fall wide and now she has the lead 18-15 and Intanon put this one wide as well its 19-15 now. Couple of points for the Thai player and its 19-18

What a sliced smash from the Thai 14-11. And suddenly Intanon grabs the lead and then puts one wide for the score to be 15-all

A quick cross court from Sindhu and we lead 13-7 now. Intanon gets three quick points its 13-10. Wow just wow what a cross court drop by her, the opponent was just not ready for it

The Thai is looking little off gaurd and that should help PVS to close the first game as she goes to interval at 11-6

Intanon putting two out wide and the score is now 6-4, Sindhu puts one long and gives back the advantage 8-5 now but then quickly takes back the serve to lead 9-5

Intanon leads Sindhu 7-4 with last three being won by the Thai star player. While Sindhu has been stuck at WR7 Intanon has gone down from 6 to 8 in Nov21

Here’s the match schedule for today

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