IBA World Boxing Championships

Live Updates | Four Boxers in Action today at IBA World Boxing Championships

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Hello and welcome to our coverage of the 12th IBA World Boxing Championships


Today there are four boxers in action in the Rd of 32 matches.

The Afternoon session starts at 4:30 pm IST & evening session at 8:30 pm IST.

India had a phenomenal start to the tournament as Lovlina Borgohain won on the day 1 & Neetu debuted with a clean win of 5-0

Today’s Matches.

63Kg | Parveen [Ind] vs Bova [Ukr] 6:45 pm | Live Streaming link | Ring B

52Kg | Nikhat [Ind] vs Herrerra [Mex] 8:45 pm | Live Streaming Link | Ring B

57Kg | Manisha [Ind] vs Thapa [Nep] 9:15 pm | Live Streaming Link | Ring B

75Kg | Saweety [Ind] vs Davis [Eng] 11:00 pm | Live Streaming Link | Ring B

Manisha had recieved a bye for the first round like Thapa.

Parveen vs Bova first up

Parveen in blue and Bova in red, Parveen with a flurry of punches on the opponent. The 22 year old Indian is looking to dominate her opponent. At the end of first round its 2-3 for Parveen. Need a strong second round now. Parveen had a superb second round and now leads 5-0 to her opponent.

Bring it on!! The Indian girl is all over her opponent now. Taking her to the every corner of the ring. She almost threw her out, Bova having tough time to remain in the ring forget the contest. Survival times.

Pretty wierd fight this one. She wins by unanimous decision 5-0

Parveen Wins

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