Live Updates | Day2 FISU World University Games Chengdu

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Hello and welcome back to the coverage of Indian participation at the Fisu World University Games in Chengdu

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Here’s the India schedule for the day.
  • Shooting | 50m Rifle 3 Position Men | Qualification | Aishwary, Surya, Sartaj | 6:30am
  • Shooting | 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men | Stage2 | Vijayveer, Udhayveer & Adarsh | 6:30am
  • Taekwondo | Mixed Pair Poomsae Group A | Parveen & Kunvardeep | 6:30am
  • Table Tennis | Women Group Rd1 | India vs Azerbaijan | 7:30am
  • Table Tennis | Men Group Rd1 | India vs Oman | 7:30am
  • Judo | Rd of 32 | Women 63Kg | India vs Brazil
  • Judo | Rd of 32 | Men 73kg | India vs USA
  • Archery | Gold Medal Match | Compound Women Team | India vs South Korea | 7:36am
  • Archery | Bronze Medal Match | Compound Men Team | India vs South Korea | 8:02am
  • Archery | Gold Medal Match | Compound Mixed Team | India vs South Korea | 9:23am
  • Judo | Rd of 16 | Women 70kg | India vs USA
  • Shooting | 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men | Final* | Vijayveer, Udhayveer & Adarsh | 11:00am
  • Taekwondo | Semifinal* | Mixed Pair Poomsae | Parveen & Kunvardeep | 11:00am
  • Archery | Bronze Medal Match | Recurve Women Team | India vs France | 12:00pm
  • Archery | Bronze Medal Match | Recurve Men Team | India vs Italy | 1:02pm
  • Shooting | 50m Rifle 3 Position | Final* | Aishwary, Surya, Sartaj | 1:30pm
  • Taekwondo | Final* | Mixed Pair Poomsae | Parveen & Kunvardeep | 1:30pm
  • Badminton | Group Match | Mixed Team | India vs Japan | 2:30pm
  • Volleyball | Women Pool Match | India vs Hong Kong | 5:30pm
Live Updates

4:55pm | Badminton | The last women Doubles being played by Panda sisters is underway

4:50pm | Badminton | In the menโ€™s doubles Deep/Viraj lost to Yuto/Naoya 17-21, 15-21

4:30pm | Badminton | Akansha lost to Akari 12-21,5-21 and which seals the tie for Japan

4:00pm | Badminton | In the second match Meiraba lost to Rei 13-21,18-21 and that has made the tie differential for India to come back

3:30pm | Badminton | Its always going to be difficult for the Indian Badminton team against the Japanese and we have lost the first match. In the mixed doubles Rutuparna and Deep lost 16-21,16-21 against Sato/Kumagai

Gold Medal no5

2:30pm | Its a Gold Medal for India!!!!! Aishwary you are a rockstar wins the gold medal in 50m Rifle 3position Men.

1:55pm | Shooting | After the first two sets of Kneeling & Prone its our guy Aishwary who is leading the charts with 310.5. He currently lead by 1.1 points. onto the Standing and elimination now

1:50pm | Shooting | Its going very close at the top as 0.9 separates top three shooters at the moment, in between Gavin from USA has climbed up to 2nd place

1:45pm | Shooting | Aishwary Tomar has scored a good 52.7 to take the lead from Jiri

1:35pm | Shooting | Its Finals as Aishwary goes against the rest of the folks to clinch the gold medal, after three rounds he is currently on 2nd position with a gap of 0.2 to the leader and now we move onto the prone position and then the elimination rounds.

Missed Opportunity

1:32pm | Archery | Indian team living dangerously here. score a 26 yet again and its tied at that, last three arrows. We lose the last set and its Italy who gets the Bronze Medal. Should have grabbed this opportunity.

1:30pm | Archery | After a tied second set the Italians have made a comeback with a 57-54 victory.

1:25pm | Archery | Now we are onto the Bronze medal match in the Men Recurve team and we are up against Italy. Indian team of Akhil, Yashdeep & Sanjay have taken the first set by scoring 55 to Italy 53

Fourth Archery Medal

12:30pm | Archery | India has won bronze medal in the most unconvincing manner, how often have you seen a miss shot, this tie saw three of them and finally it was India who prevailed in the tie breaker.

12:00pm | Archery |Its now recurve time as our ladies are going to be against France in the bronze medal match.

11:40am | Medal Standings | As things stand India has climbed back to fourth position

11:35am | Shooting | Vijayveer loses in the shoot off and is off the medal race. He finished 4th

11:20am | Shooting | Vijayveer with a perfect 5/5 and goes on top

11:15am | Shooting | After first stage Vijayveer is on second place with 11/15 shots on mark

11:00am | Its Showtime as we wait for Final of 25m Rapid Fire to start you can also view it live here

10:50am | Judo | Nandini vats has lost to Isabella in the Rd16 match of Women 70kg category

10:45am | Tennis | Pooja lost to Maria in three setter 6-4,4-6,0-6 in the first round

10:40am | Judo | Vikas who had earlier defeated the US judoka has lost to Uranbayar from Mongolia in rd16 bout in men 73kg category

Gold Medal for India

10:10am | Archery | GOLD NO4 For India as Aman and Pragati got better of Korea in a highly competitive match 157-156 it is

Mixed compound archery gold

10:01am | Archery | Its going very close as expected

10:00am | Tennis | Men Doubles team of Sangeeth and Oges lost to Australian team of Vincenjo and Joshua 6-7,3-6

9:55am | Archery | At the end of the second round India scored a perfect 40 as now the score is 78-79

9:50am | Archery | Final Match in compound mixed team as Aman Saini & Pragati combine to go against South Korea. In the first round India trail 38-40

Courtesy The Bridge Twitter Handle

9:15am | Table Tennis | Women team has got better of Azerbaijan 3-0 and will now prepare for tomorrow. In the first match it was Anjali who got better of Zemfira 11-5, 8-11, 11-3, 11-4. In the second match it was Radhapriya who scored a clean victory over Khadija 11-6, 11-7, 11-6 while in the third match Anannya defeated Sabina 11-5, 11-6, 11-4.

9:07am | Tennis | Kabir won 6-0, 6-0 against Sukhbaatar from Mongolia

9:05am | Shooting | Aishwary has qualified for the final of the 50m 3Position Rifle with a score of 1184-79x to qualify in second position, the India team of Surya, Sartaj & Aishwary in the process have also secured the bronze medal.

9:00am | Table Tennis | After losing to Japan yesterday men defeated Oman to qualify for the PreQuarters where they will meet South Korea

8:55am | Table Tennis | Men team have defeated Oman convincingly 3-0, In the first match it was Mudit Dani who scored a clean victory of 11-2, 11-8, 11-1 over Mashal. In the second match Jeho won 11-5, 11-6, 11-4 over Haitham while in the third match Wesley defeated Al Mohammed 11-3, 11-5, 11-2. India had lost to Japan yesterday 0-3 so this win should help in going to next rounds

8:52am | Judo | Vikas Dalal has defeated Max from USA in the 73kg Round of 32 bout and progressed to next round

8:50am | Tennis | Lohithaksha lost to Lleyton from south africa in straight sets 6-7, 4-6 in round 1

8:50am | Shooting | Vijayveer shot a great round to make it to the finals of the 25m Rapid fire pistol men, final at 11am. Other Indians Udhayveer and Adarsh finished 9th & 13th respectively. India team has won Silver Medal

8:37am | Judo | Indian entry in the 63kg round of 32 women Unnati Sharma lost to her opponent luana Costa from Brazil

Courtesy SAI Twitter Handle

8:35am | Archery | Its a Bronze Medal in Men Compound Archery team event as we defeat South Korea convincingly with a score of 229-226. Honestly with this team it should have been in the gold medal match.

8:25am | Shooting | Aishwary shoots a total of 1184-79x and finds himself at third place currently with Sartaj at 20th and Surya at21st.

8:06am | Shooting | Its looking good for Aishwary as he is at 2nd position with a score of 1078-76x. Sartaj & Surya continue to struggle which will move India out of the medal position in the team event.

8:02am | Shooting | Adarsh Singh shoots a 284 and thats not going to be enough to take him to Finals. last set of 8 shooters remain in fray for the stage2 and we have two Indians there should they make it finals.

7:55am | Archery | Its a Silver Medal as India women team lost to South Korea rather convincingly. 224-229

7:42am | Archery | Indian team shoots yet another 57 but think thats not going to be enough to make a comeback. Korea shot a 58 round which takes the lead to 4. its 172-168 at the moment with last round in play. Its going Korea’s way unless something extra-ordinary happens.

7:40am | Shooting | Aishwary scores a perfect 400 in Prone and leads the charts with 796 of 800. Sartaj meanwhile has moved out of top8 and is currently at 10th with 786

7:38am | Archery | Korea yet again shoots 29 to India’s 27. Finally we have couple of 10s from India and make it three and Korea shoots a 57 again but India shot a 57 as well to maintain the gap of 3.

7:34am | Archery | After two rounds Korea 57 India 54, we need to circle back quickly. Indian team is not able to shoot 10 in compound archery.

7:32am | Archery | After first round Korea 29 India 27 we are trailing by 2 points already. Not looking good

7:25am | Archery | Gold Medal Match underway, compound women team India vs South Korea starting in a while live on FisuTv

7:15am | Shooting | Aishwary Tomar is going great with a perfect score so far in the prone postion which has taken him to lead position his score is 666-52x. Sartaj is at 8th with 581-34x. Surya is at 21st place with 385-18x

7:10am | Taekwondo | The mixed pair of Parveen & Kunvardeep have scored 5.920 & 5.640 to get an average of 5.780 which currently places them at 8th and they are out of the race to semi finals

7:00am | Shooting | In the 50m 3 position Rifle India is going strong with Aishwary & Sartaj shooting a 396 in kneeling to be placed 3 & 4th respectively currently. Surya struggling a bit currently with a 25th place.

6:50am | Shooting | In Rapid Fire 25m pistol Stage2 currently the bottom placed shooters had their second stage completed. None could better their rankings, note that Indians are at 4th, 6th & 11th place after stage1

6:35am | Shooting | Two shooting events underway for men, 50m 3position Rifle & 25m Rapid Fire Pistol.

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