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Hello and welcome to our coverage of the World Junior Athletics Championships being held in Cali.

Of the 45 being called for the camp, 33 were selected initially and now 31 seems to be the final count after two withdrawals for Covid+

If you are looking for the Indian schedule and yet not read our post then here you go the link

So, what are we looking at on day 1. Live streaming is on the World Athletics YouTube Channel.

Day1 | 1 August

Men 1500m | Arjun Waskale | Heat 1 | 8:15pm

Women 800m | Asha Kiran | Heat 1 | 9:30pm

Women 800m | laxita Sandilea | Heat 4 | 9:54pm

Men 100m | Aman Khokhar | Heat 8 | 11:14pm

Men 110m Hurdles | A Graceson | Heat 5 | 02:13am [2 Aug]

Mixed Relay 4×400 | India | Heat 3 | 03:12am [2 Aug]

Shot Put Men | Sanyam + Sawan | Qual | 04:08am [2 Aug]

First up we have Arjun who is in the first heat of 1500m, so first three in each of the three heats and three fastest non-automatic go through to Final

Arjun finished 7th with a time of 3:51.10 so he wont make the final but commendable effort knowing he has landed just today.

He finished overall 26th in the 40 who started the race.

Up next is Asha Kiran in the 800m heat, the 15 year old has started brilliantly and is constantly in the lead group, she finally finished 6th in her heat and now will need to wait and see if she will make the Semis.

In the Heat 5 it is Laxita who manages a very slow time of 2:12.38, way far than 2:08 which is her personal best.

Well Well finally we have a Qualifier to Semis, Asha Kiran makes it to the Semis with a time of  2:09.01, her personal best is 2:06.78 minutes.

Next up is Aman Khokhar in the 100m Heats, he is in the last of the heats but will need a really good time here to make it to the Semifinal, an Indian Junior NR Infact. He runs a 10.84 to finish 7th in his heat and will not make the semis. Overall he is placed at 48 of the 60 who started the race.

That is the end of the morning session at Cali. See you in some time.

Welcome to the coverage of the Evening session.

First up for India is the 110m Hurdles, and we have Graceson participating in 5th heat. Needs a time close to his personal best to make it to the semis, can he. He clocked 14.13 to be placed fifth in his heat. Overall 30th of 48 athletes who started. He wont make it to the next round, the cut off was 13.98.

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