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Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Junior World Championship being held in Korea from Jul14 to Jul 25.

The event will see 90 Indian shooters vie for medals in pistol, rifle and shotgun competitions in the under-21 age category.

India topped the medals tally with 43 medals, including 17 gold, 16 silver and 10 bronze in the last edition.

Day3 Live Updates

Hello and welcome to the day3 coverage as we have 4 finals and precision stage of 25m taking place today

7:30am |

Three Indians and Three Chinese enter Finals

In the 10m Air Rifle final there will be only Norway and France who will have 1 shooters each while Ind and Chn will take up 6 places at Issf world jr championship

Abhinav Shaw shot a commendable 631.4

5:56am | After two series we find two Indians on top

  • Abhinav – 242.1 | 1
  • Srikanth – 241.9 | 2
  • Srinjoy – 213.9 | 14
  • Umamahesh | 239.8 | 18
  • Parth | 260.3 | 22
  • Seersh | 186 | 37

5:35am | First up we have the qualifying round for 10m air rifle and we have Abhinav, Umamahesh, Srikanth, Srinjoy, Seersh and Parth in the fray

Day2 Live Updates

Hello and welcome to the day2 coverage from the Junior World Championships being held in Korea. Today we have Mixed team finals for 10m Air Rifle and Pistol. There will also be the day 2 of skeet

11:00am | Raiza in women jr skeet Raiza managed a 21 in last series for the day but was placed 5th with 89, Sanjana was 12th with 85 while Muffaddal struggled at 25th position with a score of 77/100

10:30am | Harmehar Lally scored yet another 24 to be placed 5th with 95 points, Munek was 12th with 92 points while Bhavtegh with 91 points was 18th ranked. Rituraj,86 and Gurfateh,80 continue to struggle at the bottom in men Jr Skeet

9:50am | Bronze medal it is as Sainyam and Abhinav defeat the Korean pair 17-11

8:50am | Bronze Medal Match, India will be up against Korea for the bronze medal in half an hour from now

8:48am | Ind1 Saiyam and Abhinav shot an equal 287 each to make the bronze medal round with a score of 574 while Anjali Shubham missed by a point scoring 573

8:45am | In the 10m Air Pistol qualifying India had two teams comprising of Abhinav and Saiyam the other one being Anjali and Shubham.

8:40am| In 10m Air Pistol there were 34 teams in qualifying with only four to make the medal rounds

8:35am | In the men skeet jr the best placed Indian is Harmehar Lally on 9th position with 71/75 points. Bhavtegh 69/75 is placed 14th while Munek is on 16th with same points. RituRaj with 62/75 is struggling at 35th place while Gurfateh with 59/75 is languishing at 39th. There are 42 shooters in the fray

8:30am | In the women jr skeet qualification Raiza has made a strong comeback after a 21 in first series as she finds herself in third position currently with a score of 68/75. Other two Sanjana and Muffaddal are still shooting in series3 but are far behind the top ranks. Sanjana is 22 and Muffaddal is 24 at the moment

8:25am | GOLD MEDAL MATCH , in the Gold medal match Gautami and Abhinav had a slow start as was trailing 0-4 but then shot really well and were placed beautifully 15-7 but french team made a good comeback and won 6 points

Gautami and Abhinav kept the composure and won the next series to close the match 17-13

7:20am | Gautami shot a good series of 105.6, 104.9 and 104.9 while Abhinav had 104.3, 104.0 and 103.7 as they made it to the Gold medal round

7:10am | While Sonam had a great series of 103.8, 104.6 and 106.4 it was Parth who shot 103.2,101.8 and 105.1 which possibly was the reason they couldn’t make the medal round

7:00am | In the mixed team event for 10m Air Rifle there were 35 teams and India had Gautami/Abhinav as one team while the other was Sonam/Parth

Day 1 Live Updates

Qualifying for Men Air Pistol 10m went underway with four Indians in the fray.

Shuaihang Bu from China was in superlative form and scored a mighty impressive 585 which was just 3 points shy of world record set in 2007

Shubham Bisla was a distant second with two series of 99 he scored 578 and qualified for final round along with two more Indians Amit Sharma 576 and Sagar Bhargava 575

Abhinav the fourth Indian scored 573 and missed the cut in the qualifying round which saw 65 shooters

In the final Shubham Bisla was very impressive and maintained the lead since start and scored a 244.6 to defeat the Chinese leader of qualifying

Shubham Bisla was crowned as Jr. World Champion in Men’s 10m Air Pistol scoring 244.6 (Q-578). Compatriots Sagar Bhargava & Amit Sharma finished 4th & 5th.

In the women Jr 10m Air Pistol qualification we saw a new QWR being written as Ye Jin Oh scored a 587 to better it by two points

Sainyam and Urva scored 576 to make the finals while Tejaswani, Anjali and Kanak missed it as the cut off was 575

The final saw fierce battle but a series of 10.5, 10.9 and 10.4 with OH managing three 9s in last four helped Sainyam win gold

Sainyam was crowned as Jr. World Champion in Women’s 10m Air Pistol scoring 242.2 (Q-576).

Here’s the Indian participation at the event


10m air pistol men:

  • Abhinav Choudhary
  • Sagar Bhargava
  • Shubham Bisla
  • Amit Sharma

10m air pistol women:

  • Sanskriti Bana
  • Anjali Chaudhary
  • Sainyam
  • Urva Chaudhary
  • Tejaswani, Kanak

25m pistol men:

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Ankait Tomar
  • Swaraj Sachin Bhondave
  • Meshaak Ponnudurai Praveer Christopher
  • Abhimanyu Yadav

25m pistol women:

  • Tejaswani
  • Simranpreet Kaur Brar
  • Naamya Kapoor
  • Payal Kuldeep Khatri
  • Megana Sadula
  • Divanshi

25m standard pistol men:

  • Swaraj Sachin Bhondave
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Randeep Singh
  • Ankait Tomar
  • Unish Holinder
  • Manav Singh

25m standard pistol women:

  • Prarthana Khanna
  • Saniya Sudesh Sapale
  • Aditi Sejwal
  • Kritika Sharma
  • Yashita Shokeen
  • Tiyana
  • Akshita Soni

50m pistol men:

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Ankait Tomar
  • Manav Singh
  • Sandeep Bishnoi
  • Kamaljeet
  • Suresh Sankhla

50m pistol women:

  • Yashita Shokeen
  • Tiyana
  • Kaur Veerpal

25m rapid fire pistol men:

  • Anandakumar Mahesh Pasupathy
  • Abhinav Choudhary
  • Jatin
  • Sameer
  • Rajkanwar Singh Sandhu
  • Agneya Kaushik

10m air pistol mixed team:

  • Abhinav Choudhary
  • Shubham Bisla
  • Anjali Chaudhary
  • Sainyam


Trap men:

  • Shardul Vihan
  • Bakhtyaruddin Mohamadmuzahid Malek
  • Shapath Bharadwaj
  • Jaswinder Singh
  • Arya Vansh Tyagi
  • Vinay Pratap Singh Chandrawat

Trap women:

  • Aashima Ahlawat
  • Sabeera Haris
  • Darshna Rathore
  • Preeti Rajak
  • Aadya Tripathi
  • Bhavya Tripathi

Trap mixed team:

  • Preeti Rajak
  • Bhavya Tripathi
  • Shardul Vihan
  • Bakhtyaruddin Mohamadmuzahid Malek

Skeet men:

  • Munek Battula
  • Ritu Raj Bundela
  • Harmehar Singh Lally
  • Bhavtegh Singh Gill
  • Gurfateh Singh Sandhu

Skeet women:

  • Sanjana Sood
  • Raiza Dhillon
  • Muffaddal Zahra Deesawala

Skeet mixed team:

  • Munek Battula
  • Harmehar Singh Lally
  • Sanjana Sood
  • Raiza Dhillon


10m air rifle men:

  • Parth Rakesh Mane
  • Abhinav Shaw
  • Srinjoy Datta
  • Sheersh Kashyap
  • Umamahesh Maddineni
  • Srikanth Dhanush

10m air rifle women:

  • Gautami Bhanot
  • Swati Chowdhury
  • Devanshi Katara
  • Sonam Uttam Maskarw
  • Isha Anil Taksale
  • Hazel

10m air rifle mixed team:

  • Gautami Bhanot
  • Sonam Uttam Maskarw
  • Parth Rakesh Mane
  • Abhinav Shaw

50m rifle prone men:

  • Surja Biswas
  • Pukhraj Chauhan
  • Yash Dabas
  • Rohit Kaviti
  • Abdullah Parvez

50m rifle prone women:

  • Saniya Sudesh Sapale
  • Prathyusha Padmakumar
  • Sri Apoorva Raja Sagi
  • Pranjali

50m rifle 3 positions men:

  • Parikshit Singh Brar
  • Shivam Dabas
  • Vedant Nitin Waghmare
  • Harsh Singla, Ramanya Tomer
  • Sartaj Singh Tiwana

50m rifle 3 positions women:

  • Khushi, Nupur Kumrawat
  • Nikita Kundu
  • Sharanya Lakhan
  • Mahit Sandhu

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