Live Blog | Indian Grand Prix III

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Hello and welcome to our live coverage of IGP III being held in Bhubaneswar Odisha.

Here is the list of events which will take place today.

Live Streaming

Navjeet Kaur Dhillon throws wins women’s discus throw event with a best effort of 58.03 meters (her best effort post 2018). Seema Punia finishes 2nd with an effort of 55.97 meters..

Abdulla Qualifies for World Championships in Oregon

Live Ranking

  • Abdulla | 17.19m
  • U Karthik | 17.10m
  • Eldhose | 16.42m
  • Gailey | 16.17m
  • Selva | 15.35m
  • J Mohan | 15.38m
  • Jwingsar | 14.45

Manpreet Kaur with a 16.81 to win Gold, she holds the NR

Mallala won triple jump women with a 12.90m, for someone to achieve the WCQ will need to break the national record

Onto 800m Men Krishan Kumar clocks a decent time of 1:47.92 seconds to win Race A of men’s 800 meters. NR 1.45.65 by Jinson

Back to Triple Jump. 15.12 by U Karthik in third attempt.

J Mohan does 15m in first attempt. Ravi Malik fouls first attempt. Eldhose with a 16.42 in first attempt. Selva with a 15.35m, now its turn of Amritpal and he fouls. Gailey Venister next up and he does a

Abdulla jumps 16m in first attempt which he didn’t do well. Jwingsar with 14.45m

In the 200m women finals Srabani Nanda has clocked a 24.04 to win. The national record is 22.82 while the WCQ is 22.8

200m finals are underway. The National Record holder Amlan is out of India competing. He holds the NR of 20.52 while the WCQ is 20.24

These are held across two races as the number of participants are slightly high. 19 year old Aryan wins raceB with a 21.87 time. Akshay was the fastest across both the races with a time of 21.86

Triple Jump Pournima covers 11.31m in fourth attempt.

Hammer Throw final results

  • Sarita 61.41m | Gold
  • Sneha Jadhav 51.46m | Silver
  • Sneha 36.64m | Bronze

NR | 65.25m by Sarita in 2017

WCQ | 72.5m for Hammer Throw Women

Not very encouraging results as the NR holder Sarita gets first place finish wherein only three competitors were present

Triple Jump is underway , Mayookha Johny holds the NR 14.11 set up in 2011. Here looks like only participants are participating

Mallala (101) 12.58m in the third jump. Pournima (136) with a 11.41m in third attempt. Sharvari (138) jumps 12.05m while her second was 2.20m

Aishwarya (175) fouls on her third attempt she did a 12.19m in her second attempt.

Poorva (140) will look to record a jump as her past two were foul. Not to be as this one also is fouled

The Pole Vault Men & Hammer Throw Women are the first finals scheduled.

Pole Vault Men

The NR stands at 5.30m set up by S Siva four years back. He is not competing in this competition.

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