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Indian Male Swimming National Records

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Swimming Records are currently dominated by Srihari Natraj, Sajan Prakash but you cant miss Virdhawal Khade.


Swimming Events are broadly categorised in Freestyle, Backstroke, BreastStroke and Butterfly. Earlier last year Sajan Prakash & Srihari Natraj made headlines when they both achieved direct qualifications for the olympics. This was the first time ever such a feat was achieved.

lets look at the national records for India under different categories

Freestyle Events

Virdhawal Khade holds the national record in 50m [22.43] & 100m [49.47] ,the next three sub categories are held by different individuals in Men, 200m by Sajan Prakash [1:49.73] while the 400m is held by Kushagra Rawat [3:52.75] and 800m by Advait Page [8:00.76] he also holds the 1500m record with a timing of [15:23.66].

Backstroke Events

This category is dominated by two individuals, Srihari in the men section. Srihari holds the 50m record [25.18], 100m [53.17] & 200m [2:01.70].

Breaststroke Events

This category in men is dominated by Sandeep Sejwal as he holds all the three records, 50m [27.59], 100m [1:00.97] & 200m [2:12.02]

Butterfly Events

Virdhawal Khade dominates in this category as well as he holds the 50m [24.09] and 100m [52.77], the 200m is held by Sajan Prakash [1:56.38].

Below is the snapshot of the India Times in comparison to the World Times
Event India  NR Time Asian Record WR Time
Men 50m Freestyle Virdhawal Khade 22.43 21.67 20.91
Men 100m Freestyle Virdhawal Khade 49.47 47.65 46.91
Men 200m Freestyle Sajan Prakash 01:49.73 01:44.39 01:42.00
Men 400m Freestyle Kushagra Rawat 03:52.75 03:40.14 03:40.07
Men 800m Freestyle Advait Page 08:00.76 07:32.12 07:32.12
Men 1500m Freestyle Advait Page 15:23.66 14:31.02 14:31.02
Men 50m Backstroke Srihari Natraj 25.11 24.24 23.71
Men 100m Backstroke Srihari Natraj 53.77 51.86 51.85
Men 200m Backstroke Srihari Natraj 02:01.70 01:52.51 01:51.92
Men 50m Breaststroke Sandeep Sejwal 27.59 26.86 25.95
Men 100m Breaststroke Sandeep Sejwal 01:00.97 58.63 56.88
Men 200m Breaststroke Sandeep Sejwal 02:12.02 02:06.40 02:05.95
Men 50m Butterfly Virdhawal Khade 24.09 22.93 22.27
Men 100m Butterfly Virdhawal Khade 52.77 50.39 49.45
Men 200m Butterfly Sajan Prakash 01:56.38 01:52.53 01:50.73
Men 200m Medley Siva Sridhar 02:05.43 01:55.00 01:54.00
Men 400m Medley Advait Page 04:27.41 04:06.05 04:03.84
Men 4x100m Freestyle Relay India 03:23.72 03:12.54 03:08.24
Men 4x200m Freestyle Relay India 07:34.50 07:02.26 06:58.55
Men 4x100m Medley Relay India 03:44.94 03:29.99 03:26.78

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