Indian Grand Prix 3 2024: Jyothika goes sub-52, clinches gold

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One of the few events left will serve as a qualification meet for the 2024 Paris
Olympics held at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium here on Wednesday, with a few athletes trying to achieve the qualification mark in their respective competition or improve their ranking to qualify.

Highlights from the event

Men’s 100m
NR holder Manikanta Hoblidar was in the fray today but got trumped by Rahul
Kumar G of Tamil Nadu to the first position.
1. Rahul Kumar G: 10.56; 2. Manikanta Hoblidar: 10.64; 3. Arijit Rana: 10.65

Women’s 400m
Star-studded lineup today for the women’s 400m with Dandi Jyothika Sri, Subha
Venkatesan, Poovamma Raju, and R Vithya Ramraj in the fray.
Jyothika, continuing her good form this year, came in first with a PB of 51.63s, with Subha coming in second (52.34s), followed by Poovamma (52.62s), and R Vithya Ramraj DNS (Did Not Start).

Men’s 400m
While there were no big names in the men’s 400, Rince Joseph from Kerela came out of nowhere and ran the third-fastest time of the year by an Indian, clocking 46.46s.

Men’s Javelin Throw
Sachin Yadav topped the men’s javelin throw event with a personal best throw of 82.69 m on his penultimate attempt. Rohit Yadav, returning from his injury, finished second with 75.52 m, while Kishore Jena did not start.

Women’s Long Jump
It was Ancy Sojan vs. Nayana James today at the women’s long jump. Ancy, in her first competition this year, recorded a 6.52-meter jump on her final attempt, coming in first, while Nayana’s 6.48-meter leap came in second,
and Bhavani Yadav Bhagavat finished in third with 6.27 m.

Indian Grand Prix 3 2024:

• Women’s triple jump: 1. Poorva Hitesh Sawant; 2. Sharvari Avinash
Parule 3. Ambrika Narzary
• Men’s triple jump: 1. Karthik U; 2. Krishna Singh 3. Puneet Kumar
• Women’s 100m: 1. Sneha SS 2. Abinaya Rajarajan 3. V. Sudheeksha
• Men’s high jump: 1. Swadhin Kumar Majhi 2. Nishant 3. Rakesh Kumar
• Men’s long jump: 1. Arya S; 2. Sanmath Darshan Sakth 3. Sharon Jestus J
• Men’s 400m: 1. Rince Joseph 2. Jay Kumar 3. Aakash Babu Chinthala
• Women’s high jump: 1. Abhinaya S. Shetty 2. Kevinaa Ashwine Annavi
• Women’s javelin throw: 1. Rashmi K. 2. Lalita Choudhary 3. KM Saloni
• Women’s shot put: 1. Abha Khatua 2. Shiksha 3. Ambika V
• Women’s 3000m: 1. Akshana 2. Sanghamitra Mahata 3. Prachi Devkar
• Men’s shot put: 1. Prabhkirpal Singh 2. Omesh Ranga
• Men’s 3000m: 1. Kiran Matre 2. Harpreet Singh 3. Deepak Bhatt
• Women’s 200m: 1. Nithya Gandhe 2. Kaveri Laxmangouda Pat 3.
Abinaya Rajarajan
• Women’s 800m: 1. Heena 2. Arpitha B. 3. Vineeta Gurjar
• Men’s 800m: 1. Prakash Gadade 2. Krishan Kumar 3. Anu Kumar

Written by Naman

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