FIFA Rankings: India Slips Further, Drops to 124

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On June 20th, 2024, FIFA released its latest rankings, revealing India’s drop to the 124th
position, a decline of three spots from the previous ranking.

This setback raises pressing questions about the current state and future prospects of Indian football.

Entering 2024 ranked 102nd, the AFC Asian Cup held significant promise for India, not just
regionally but also as a pivotal opportunity to ascend the global football ladder and secure a
place among the top 100 nations.

However, the realities on the pitch painted a different picture. India’s campaign was marred by a series of disappointing outings, culminating in their failure to progress past the group stages. In the aftermath of this setback, their FIFA ranking swiftly plummeted from 102nd to 117th.

Following the AFC Asian Cup disappointment, India redirected its focus towards the World Cup
qualifiers, where they encountered formidable opponents in their pursuit of a global tournament

Despite spirited efforts, the team struggled to secure consistent victories. Draws and losses
in crucial matches against higher-ranked opponents further dimmed their ranking prospects.

Consequently, India continued to slide down the FIFA rankings, now sitting at 124th in the latest

Adding to the turmoil, a recent tiff between the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and former
head coach Igor Štimac has further complicated matters.
Disagreements over team selection, training methods, and strategic direction had surfaced during his tenure, with Štimac expressing frustration over the lack of support and resources from the federation.
This discord raised concerns about the stability and coherence of the team’s management, potentially impacting the players’ morale and performance.

The coming months will be crucial for Indian football, as efforts to appoint a capable new coach and rebuild the team’s competitive edge will determine its trajectory in future international competitions.

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