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Day2 Live Updates | ISSF Junior World Cup

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Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Junior Shooting world cup. Read more details here

On Day two we have lot of action lined up Finals

Elimination Update

10m Air Pistol Men

Three Indians in action at the Elimination round to decide the Medal winner, the Top two go and play the Gold Medal match and third place here gets the Bronze.

Arjun lost the steam in between and got eliminated in the second set. While Shiva & Sarabjot kept the pressure on the opponents. Shiva infact had droppped to the fourth position with two very average shots but jumped back in the reckoning to make it to the Gold Medal match hence securing another all-indian match.

In the finals Shiva was and Sarabjot had their moments of up and down but Shiva eventually suceeded to reach 16 to Sarabjot’s 12 to win the gold

10m Air Pistol Women

Manu who just made it to the elimination on the brink of inner 10s shot well for a 250.6 which was better than everyone else. Palak shot a 248.1 and they both had practically no competition from others as the third place shooter got a score of 242.8

In the finals it was Palak who outscored Manu to clinch the Gold Medal

Qualification Update

Women Trap Junior Day 1 

After Round 3

  • Sabeera 68/75 Rank 4 Δ
  • Aadya 67/75 Rank 7 Δ
  • Preeti 65/75 Rank 15 ∇
  • Varda 59/75 Rank 28 ∇
  • Bhavya 59/75 Rank 29 ∇

Men Trap Junior Day 1 

After Round 3

  • Vivaan 70/75 Rank 14 Δ
  • Shardul 70/75 Rank 15 ∇
  • Vansh 69/75 Rank 18 ∇
  • Shapath 68/50 Rank 23 Δ
  • Md Malek 65/75 Rank 37 ∇

10m Air Pistol Men

Qualification Rank

  • Shiva | 585 | Rank 1
  • Sarabjot | 578 | Rank 3
  • Arjun | 577 | Rank 4
  • Saurabh | 575 | Rank 6

10m Air Pistol Women

Qualification Rank

  • Palak | 577 | Rank 1
  • Manu | 565 | Rank 8
  • Esha | 563 | Rank 14

*other shooters yet to start/finish

Details for the day

Manu finally makes it to the finals with the closest of the margins, she is for the inner 10s

Manu Bhaker now depends on other shooters to secure a place in the finals. While 16 year old Palak has topped the qualification with a score of 577. The JWR is 585.

Esha Singh has scored a below par 563, she has finished 5th among the participants who started. She is sure not making the finals with this score.

Shiva scores 585 in the Qualification to top the Qualifications, this is just three points away from the JWR. Sarabjot finishes with 578 to stand third & Arjun with 577. Saurabh Misses out on Finals.

Esha seems to be struggling big time as she shot three below 95 series. 91, 95 & 92. Looks set to get eliminated from Qualifying.

Shiva with a 296/300 is on course to beat the JWR, lets see if that happens though. Currently all four Indians are at the top with Saurabh at four which means that he will miss out on the finals. Sarabjot after a first series of 94 comes back strongly to have two good series of 99 & 98. He is lying second currently

The Second set of 10m Men & first set of 10m Women are now in the ring for the Qualifying. In Trap Men Vansh & Vivaan with perfect 25/25

Wow Wow are we witnessing Shiva with a perfect score of 100 and 69 in the second one. While in women Esha singh with a below par 91 in first series

Saurabh is trying to keep himself in the contention for the finals. After shooting a below par 94 in fifth series he has now a 20 which takes him to fourth provisionally. Mind you the JWR stands at 588. So these scores are low relatively.

Arjun got his rhythm back after two 94 & 95 series closes with a 98 & 96 to currently sit on the top as he waits for others to complete their series. Surely he has secured his quota for the finals.

Saurabh with series of 95,95,96,98 is now fourth but Arjun has gone down with series of 97,97,94,95 to current fifth position. Remember the other half of the shooters are yet to start

Not looking so good for Saurabh with two series of 95 & 95. Arjun is currently topping the chart with 97,97,94.

And Saurabh Chaudhary is back. He along with Arjun, Shiva & Sarabjot are now in the range for the qualificiation rounds. Shiva Narwal is young sibling of Manish Narwal who had a phenomenal Paralympics 2020.

He had also beaten Saurabh last year


Men Trap Junior Day 1 

After Round 1

  • Shardul 24/25 Rank 5
  • Md Malek 22/25 Rank 33
  • Vivaan 21/25 Rank 38
  • Vansh 21/25 Rank 40
10m Air Rifle Women Junior Medal Match

Ramita wins Silver Medal as she lost the Gold Medal match against Muller 8-16.

Ramita is the lone Indian participant in the elimination round starting in 10 minutes from now.

An average first of the five series for Ramita, she scores a 51.4. Not sure what happened there but Victoria with a score of 18.2.

Ramita comes back strongly in the second series, scoring a 52.4 she currently sits at the top.

She makes it to the Gold Medal match against France

10m Air Rifle Men Junior Medal Match.

Rudrankksh & Abhinav Will Fight for Gold Medal

Rudrankksh | 260.9 topped the elimination

Abhinav | 257.7 came second

Final Schedule
  • 10m Air Rifle Men [ Paarth, Rudrankksh & Abhinav }
  • 10m Air Rifle Women [ Ramita ]
  • 10m Air Pistol Men
  • 10m Air Pistol Women
Qualification Schedule
  • Trap Day 1 Men
    • Shapath Bharadwaj
    • Bakhtyaruddin Malek
    • Arya Tyagi
    • Vivaan Kapoor
    • Shardul Vihan
  • Trap Day1 Women
    • Varda Sharma
    • Aadya Tripathi
    • Preeti Rajak
    • Sabira Haris
    • Bhavya Tripathi
  • 10m Air Pistol
    • Saurabh Chaudhary
    • Arjun Cheema
    • Shiva Narwal
    • Sarabjot Singh
  • 10m Air Pistol
    • Esha Singh
    • Manu Bhaker
    • Palak

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