Choosing the Future: Deciding the Next Coach for Indian Football

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As the All India Football Federation (AIFF) embarks on the search for the new head coach of the Indian national football team, the significance of this decision for the future of Indian football cannot be overstated.

The AIFF seeks a leader who embodies a blend of proven track record, tactical brilliance, innovative thinking, deep commitment to player development, and a strong cultural fit.

Also, the debate over the choice of coach has long centered around whether to appoint an Indian
coach or a foreign coach.

An Indian coach brings an expert understanding of the local football landscape, cultural nuances, and direct communication with players.

Conversely, a foreign coach can introduce advanced tactical knowledge, international experience, and a fresh perspective that
could elevate the team’s performance on the global stage.

Here’s a look at the probable coaches whom the AIFF could consider to take charge of the national team:

Indian Coaches

Khalid Jamil

Khalid Jamil, currently the head coach of Jamshedpur FC, is renowned for his strategic acumen and adeptness in maximizing player potential. His coaching journey includes significant achievements such as guiding Aizawl FC to their inaugural I-League triumph.

Credit ANI

Jamil’s commitment to developing young talent has solidified his reputation as a standout figure in Indian football coaching circles.

Thangboi Singto

Thangboi Singto is a respected figure in Indian football with a decade-long involvement in the

Courtesy ISL

His tenure as head coach and assistant coach with various ISL teams, including NorthEast United FC and Kerala Blasters FC, has highlighted his ability to nurture and improve players’ skills over time. Singto was also part of the Hyderabad FC title-winning squad in the 2021-22 season.

Foreign Coaches with Indian Connection

Manolo Marquez

Manolo Marquez, currently the head coach of FC Goa, has gained a deep understanding of Indian football conditions through his tenure in the ISL.

He led Hyderabad FC to their first-ever
ISL title in the 2021–22 season and is known for his work in developing young Indian talents like Akash Mishra and Nikhil Pujari.

Credits ISL

Marquez’s international experience, including coaching in Spain, strengthens his candidacy.

Albert Roca

Albert Roca, a Spaniard with a significant coaching tenure at FC Barcelona as an assistant coach from 2003-2008, has also left his mark on Indian football.

Credits ESPN

His leadership at Bengaluru FC saw the team achieve historic milestones, including reaching the final of the AFC Cup in 2016. Roca’s experience in top-level football and his understanding of Indian conditions make him a compelling candidate.

Petr Kratky

Petr Kratky, the Czech coach who took charge of Mumbai City FC in December 2023, led the
club to secure the Indian Super League Cup during his tenure.

Credits ISL

Known for his modern coaching techniques and understanding of the Indian football landscape, Kratky’s youthful energy and success at Mumbai City FC make him a promising option for the national team.

Foreign Coaches New to Indian Football

Park Hang-seo

Park Hang-seo, a South Korean football manager, and former player, is renowned as one of the most successful managers in Vietnamese football history.

Courtesy The Korea Times

Considered for the Indian head coachposition in 2019, Park’s disciplined approach and emphasis on team spirit have been pivotal in Vietnam’s football resurgence.
His international success and coaching brilliance could bring a transformative impact to the Indian team.

Petar Segrt
Petar Segrt, hailing from Croatia, brings extensive international coaching experience across different continents. His journey includes stints in Africa, Asia, and Europe, providing him with a profound grasp of global football dynamics and strategies.

Courtesy Straits Times

Segrt’s diverse background equips him with the skills to navigate various footballing cultures and drive success for the Indian national team.

The decision on who will become the next coach of the Indian national football team is pivotal
for the sport’s development in the country.

Whether the AIFF selects an experienced Indian
coach deeply rooted in local football or a foreign coach with international expertise, the chosen
individual must align with the federation’s vision to elevate Indian football on the global stage.
Ultimately, the goal remains consistent: to propel Indian football towards sustained success and
competitiveness in international competitions.

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