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Anshu Wins Silver at Asian Wrestling Championship

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The Final lasted just 54 Seconds……


Defending Champion Anshu Malik was left stunned in the final as the match lasted a mere fifty four second. A lot of eyes were on her in the finals as in the morning session she had three superb victories at the Asian Wrestling Championships

She gave no chance to her opponents, starting with a 10-0 victory over Shokhida from Uzb. She returned to the mat to score yet another emphatic win over lim from Sgp, score 10-0

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The Semifinal was scheduled against the local hope Khurelkhuu and she came out blazing defeating her 11-0. All three wins by being on the mat for only Four Minutes and Thirty Six Seconds.

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Anshu who was the defending champion at this event was given a relatively easy draw as she was clubbed with Uzb & Sgp who are not really considered a great competition. The other group had Japan, Mongolia & South Korea.

The Final

While the three matches in the morning session would have given her enough confidence going into the Final it was a different level in the competition. Japanese wrestlers specially Women in the lighter category are almost unbeatable.

Anshu was up against Sakurai who is a world champion in the 55kg category.

The youngster from India sure knew she was in for a big fight but Sakurai never let the Indian get in the match. She had an early takedown and the Japanese used the opportunity to roll her over and made a fall possible.

Anshu just couldnt react to it as it was done within moments of the match getting started. Such are Japanese werestlers, they come with an all attack mindset and dont give a chance to anyone to have a moment to settle in the match.


Final | Sakurai Jpn def Anshu 4-0

SemiFinal | Anshu def Khurelkhuu Mgl 11-0


Match 1 | Anshu def Shokhida Uzb 10-0

Match 2 | Anshu def Danielle lim Sgp 11-0

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