Abha Breaks Shot Put National Record at Federation Cup 2024

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While everyone is waiting for the star Neeraj Chopra to arrive on Day 4 of the Federation Cup for the finals of the javelin throw, there are new stars in the making who are shining brightly in the Federation Cup.

Here are some of those shining performances

Men’s 200m

Animesh Kujur is a new star in the making in the field of 200m. The 20-year-old sprinter, representing Odisha while hailing from Chhattisgarh, is making all the right noise in the field of 200 meters. And his performance in the recently concluded 200-meter event in the Federation Cup is the justification for it. Kujur, whose PB was 20.74s, clocked his new PB of 20.62s, which is actually just one-tenth of a second off the two-year-old national record of 20.52 seconds by Amlan Borgohain.

Women’s Shot Put

Abha Khatua, the joint NR holder with a mark of 18.06m, today broke that NR mark in her fifth attempt at 18.41m on Day 2 of the Federation Cup. With the Olympic qualification mark being 18.80m, Abha said, “I think I can achieve the Olympic qualifying mark of 18.80m. There is interstate competition and two Grand Prix events where I will try to qualify for Paris.” Here’s hoping she achieves it.

Women’s Long Jump

While an interesting rivalry is brewing up in this event between Shaili Singh and Nayana James and it is producing good results, Nayana produced a gold- winning jump of 6.53m in her fifth attempt, while Shaili finished second with
her jump of 6.34m in her fourth attempt.

However, both are some distance off the Paris Olympic Qualification mark of 6.86m. They both have some more competition in the future to achieve that qualification mark.

Women’s 100m Hurdles

Nithya Ramraj, who recently had appendicitis surgery, became India’s 2nd fastest 100m hurdler after Jyothi Yarraji by clocking 13.14s, bettering her previous PB of 13.36s, in the finals to clinch gold.

Final Results: Day 1
400m hurdles: 1. Santosh Kumar T (Tamil Nadu) 50.04, 2. Nikhil Bhardwaj
(Punjab) 50.92, 3. Dhaval Mahesh Utekar (Gujarat) 51.13.

Pole vault: 1. Dev Kumar Meena (Madhya Pradesh) 5.10m, 2. Shekhar Kumar
Pandey (Uttar Pradesh) 4.90m, 3. Hariharan R (Tamil Nadu) 4.0m.

5,000m: 1. Lilly Das (West Bengal)16:31.05, 2. Poonam Dinkar (Maharashtra)
17:02.51, 3. Kiran (Haryana) 17:06.64.
400m hurdles: 1. Veerpal Kaur (Punjab) 59.43, 2. Salini Valuparambil (Kerala)
1:00.73, 3. Ramandeep Kaur (Punjab) 1:01.29.

Javelin throw: 1. Rashmi K (Andhra Pradesh) 54.75m, 2. Karishma S (Karnataka)
49.91m, 3. Rupinder Kaur (Punjab) 47.66m.
Triple jump: 1. M Anusha (Andhra Pradesh) 13.53m, 2. Sheena NV (Kerala)
13.32m, 3. Gayathry Sivakumar (Kerala) 13.08m.

Final Results: Day 2
200m: 1. Animesh Kujur (Odi) 20.62, 2. Nalubothu Shanumaga (AP) 20.97, 3.
Jay Shah (Mah) 21.31.
800m: 1. Ankesh Chaudhary (HP) 1:50.16, 2. Somnath Chauhan (Har) 1:50.16,
3. Mohammed Afsal P (Ker) 1:50.44.

5,000m: 1. Sawan Barwal (HP) 13:51.01, 2. Harmanjot Singh (MP) 13:51.61, 3.
Kiran Matre (Mah) 13:52.62.

110m hurdles: 1. Manav R. (TN) 14.03, 2. Nishanthraja (TN) 14.22, Sachin Binu
(Ker) 14.25.

Discuss: 1. Nirbhay Singh (Har) 55.27m, 2. Gagandeep Singh (Pun) 54.38m, 3.
Oinam Alson Singh (Man) 52.03.

High jump: 1. Chetan B. (Kar) 2.09m, 2. Swadhin Kumar Majhi (Odi) 2.09m, 3.
Shaik Mohiddin (AP) 2.05m.

Decathlon: 1. Gokul KR (Ker) 6762 points, 2. Kamal Singh (UP) 6685 points, 3.
Stalin Joes S. (TN) 6630 points.

200m: 1. Unnathi Aiyappa (Kar) 23.85, 2. Srabani Nanda (Odi) 23.89, 3.
Devyaniba Mahendrasin (Guj) 24.14.

800m: 1. Chanda (Del) 2:02.62, 2. Twinkle (Pun) 2:03.94, 3. Amandeep Kaur
(Pun) 2:07.66.

100m hurdles: 1. Nithya Ramraj (TN) 13.14, 2. Pragyan Prasanti Sahu (Odi)
13.40, 3. Moumita Mondal (WB) 13.64m.

Shot put: 1. Abha Khatua (Mah) 18.41m (NR, Old 18.06, Manpreet Kaur
Chennai, 2022), 2. Kiran Baliyan (UP) 16.54m, 3. Srishti Vig (Del) 15.86m.

Long jump: 1. Nayana James (Ker) 6.53m, 2. Shaili Singh (UP) 6.34m, 3.
Moumita Mondal (WB) 6.18m.

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